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Air Conditioner Repair & Servicing

TThe very thought of having to survive the sizzling summer heat of Delhi without an optimally functioning air conditioner is likely to give you nightmares. However, you no longer need to stress yourself as our expert technicians will provide you with the best service and repair facilities for your AC at a reasonable price. In case your AC is not working properly or you are facing any other problems with the appliance, all you need to do is call us. We will send our well trained and knowledgeable repair technicians to resolve the problem in a timely and cost effective manner.
Our technicians are competent enough to not only diagnose the problem in the most efficient manner but also offer lasting solutions for the same. In case, it becomes necessary to change any spare part or accessory to enhance the performance of the AC, we provide you with the best quality and branded products at a fair price. We also provide service facilities for almost all major AC brands and recommend getting it done at the start and end of the season so as to enhance the life and efficiency of the appliance. We cater to the AC service and repair needs of both residential and commercial users.



WWhether it is in terms of providing ice cold water or for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh, your refrigerator is the most important appliance in your kitchen. SO it is only natural for you to feel panicked and even stressed if your fridge is not working properly or simply shuts down. Rather than trying to repair it in your own and cause further damage to the appliance, it is better to call our customer care number to register your complaint. We assure you of the best repair service within the shortest possible time so that you face minimal inconvenience due to unavailability of the refrigerator.

In most cases, our expert technicians are capable of resolving the problem on the site itself. They always carry the necessary tools and equipment to carry out all types of repair tasks in a timely manner. In the rare event that we might need to bring the refrigerator to our service center for repair, we make sure to get the task completed on an urgent basis. Our technicians are competent enough to provide a lasting solution for any issues you might be facing with your refrigerator. All you need to do is call us to book an appointment as per your convenience.


Washing Machine Repair Service

CCleaning dirty laundry is an extremely tedious task, which has been made a lot simpler with the use of washing machines. However, like most other machines, these appliances are also in need of regular repair and service to gain maximum efficiency and long life. Even if you own the washing machine from one of the top brands, you will face some issues with its performance after a few years of usage. But you do not need to worry about getting the appliance serviced or repaired in an efficient manner. You can call us to let us know about your specific need and we will immediately dispatch a technician to take care of the same.

We are a completely customer oriented company and hence our primary objective is to serve you in the most efficient and satisfactory manner. In keeping with the same we employ only the best technicians proficient in handling almost any type of complaint for all major brands of washing machines. These technicians are expert in not only thoroughly servicing the appliances but also rectifying any faults that might be hindering their optimal performance. Irrespective of the type of problem, our technicians can be trusted to provide permanent solution for them in a timely and cost effective manner.


RO Purifier

GGiven the high level of contamination and ever increasing water pollution, RO water purifiers have become a necessity in every household. However, if these appliances stop functioning as expected, they can put the health and well being of your entire family under great risk. We understand this fact fairly well and hence do not waste any time in sending across our best technicians to resolve any complaints of RO filters. With our service centers operating in all major localities of north-west Delhi, we are just a phone call away in case you need to get your RO system checked, serviced or even repaired in a efficient and reliable manner.

We are fully aware of the significance of getting clean drinking water and hence make sure that our technicians are capable of not only diagnosing but also resolving almost any issues with an RO system in a timely and satisfactory manner. In case, they feel the need to replace any part or spare, they will do so only after informing you about the same and getting your approval to go ahead with the replacement task. To help cut down the repair time, we even provide the best quality spares and accessories for different RO systems at the most reasonable rates.

Kitchen Chimeny

PPeople, who spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, are often too protective about their kitchen chimeny. This is because it not only helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen but also sucks out the excessive oil and bad odors that can pollute the air of the entire house. So it is only natural for you to freak out, if your kitchen chimeny is not working as per expectations. But rather than becoming panicky and frustrated, the best solution is to call us and get an appointment for our expert repair technicians. We assure you of the best repair service that will make your chimney work like new.
Our technicians have extensive experience with repairing a wide range of faults that hinder the performance of even the best brands of chimneys. They are provided with the necessary tools and equipments to help them complete the repair task easily on site. This not only minimizes the down time of the appliance but also reduces the inconvenience to you by a significant margin. Most importantly, we along with our technicians make sure that the repair tasks are performed with utmost efficiency so that you end up getting the best value for money through lasting results.

Microwave/ OVEN/ Geyser

AAmongst the other appliances that are regularly used in modern households, microwaves, ovens and geysers are definitely the most important. We help you overcome any performance or functionality issues that you might be facing with any of these appliances in a timely, efficient and affordable manner. Our professionally trained and knowledgeable technicians ensure the proper diagnosis of the problem before commencing the repair task so as to eliminate the root cause of the issue. They are well versed in handling the sophisticated design and functionality of these modern appliances without causing any further damage.
By hiring our repair services, you get the best facility provided right at your home, which makes the repair task totally hassle free and simple. Even if any spare of accessory of the appliance needs to be replaced, the technicians use only the best branded products compatible with the appliance. They are proficient in resolving the problems that commonly arise in the products of top brands with the same level of skill and effectiveness as a service engineer from the company. But unlike those professionals, we charge only a fair amount for our services which are at par with those provided by the best experts in the field.

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